Benefits Associate OS allows employers to run the following HR functions:

In overseeing an employee population, Human Resources is required to manage, organize and facilitate an employee’s role and experience using technology and processes that are long outdated. In an effort to streamline Human Resources administration, Benefits Associate has developed baOS, a complete and fully customizable Human Resources Capital Management Platform. baOS will change the way you administer all aspects of your human resources programs by offering access to the following services under one fully integrated platform:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Recruiting
  • Retirement Programs
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll
  • Time & Attendance
  • Total Compensation
  • Mobile Capable (iOS & Android)

The Benefits Associate OS Advantage

Save time. Save money. Increase efficiency.

All with Benefits Associate OS

All-in-One Mobile Cloud-Based HR Solution


Not only is the system capturing all the payroll information it runs the payroll.

Robust Reporting

Extensive reporting capability and control points to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Time & Attendance

Productivity and utilization management has never been easier.

Total Compensation

Show employees their value with a total compensation summary statement of all funds sponsored by their employer.

Benefits & Retirement

No more benefit and retirement data entry. All information is captured through the employee portal and sent directly to the carrier.

Corporate Push Notifications

Stay connected with your employees through push notifications on mobile.

Best Native Mobile App


View, model and enroll in your benefits.


View and edit dependent information. Upload documents!

Your Brand

No need to adopt a new brand. Benefits Associate OS is white-labelled to adopt your brand.

Direct Feed. Real Time.

At a FRACTION of the cost.

Fast, easy implementation in days

Benefits Associate OS


One Central Database

Administration. Direct Feed. Mobile Cloud solution.


Security. Accessible. Real Time.


Direct Feed. Real Time. Replace current solution at a fraction of cost.

Web Portal

Your brand. No need for your employees to learn a new brand.

Reporting, Audits, Document Repository

Generate custom reports. All transactions are audited. Full document repository.